Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023

Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023. Pm Youth Loan Scheme: Due to the increasing poverty in Pakistan, the Pakistani government has started a youth loan scheme from the prime minister so much so that the youth of Pakistan can run any business by getting a loan from the Pakistani government. Such a loan is also called a youth loan. Some guidelines are given for this. By following them,

You can qualify for this program and get a loan from the Government of Pakistan to hire your business, and you can run any business. Remember, this is Youth Alive. So if you are among the youth eligible for loans in the program,

you must apply for this program. You can get information about my loan scheme from all banks in Pakistan. In addition, we will provide you with all the information about this program that every man should know.

Detail of Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023:-

This program was started by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, who started the successful National Youth Development Program and provided business loans to the youth of Pakistan. So far, people have benefited from it.

Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023
Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023

The purpose of this program was to involve only those young people who were concerned about poverty. After filling out the youth loan form in Pakistan, you get a reply message after a few days about whether you are eligible for this program.

Check Online 5566:-

  • The Punjab National Bank has donated 50% of the Prime Minister’s Successful Youth Program and other banks are responsible for 50%.
  • Applicants can visit the official website of the Successful Young program and download the loan application form.
  • Under the Prime Minister’s Young Success Program, young people can get a loan from one lakh to five million. In the event of any loss or repayment of a debt by the applicant

Eligibility Criteria In Pm youth Loan Scheme:-

  • Pakistani National 21-45 years of age Male Female can apply A younger age will be granted for candidates who wish to pursue information technology.
  • The repayment of the loan is in 2 ways; In the first category, one lakh is accepted, and in the second category, the loan will be given from 5 defaults to 50 defaults. For Category B, 20% of your money must be invested in cable work and ten eight-year loans.
  • The loan fee for women is limited to 20%. Loans from one lakh to five lahks will be given with a personal guarantee. The bank will consider loans above five lakhs after making the business information.
  • Imran Khan started this program, and now Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is also narrating this program and giving youth loans.
Eligibility CriteriaRequirement
Minimum Age18 Years
Maximum Age45 Years
Government EmployeesNot Eligible
Non-Resident of PakistanNot Eligible
Agricultural LandEligible (Required)
Business ManEligible
Bank AccountsRequired

Online Information Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023:-

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PM Loan Interest Rate and Amount

Loan Amount RangeInterest RateDuration (Years)
1 Lakh – 10 Lakh3%1 – 8
10 Lakh – 1 Crore4%1 – 8
1 Crore – 2.5 Crore5%1 – 8

Banks For PM Youth Business Loan Program List:-

Bank NameBranches
Allied Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Albaraka Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Askari Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Bank Al FalahNationwide branches
Bank Al HabibNationwide branches
Bank Islamic Pakistan LimitedNationwide branches
Bank of KhyberNationwide branches
Bank of PunjabNationwide branches
Dubai Islamic Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Faysal Bank LimitedNationwide branches
First Women Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Habib Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Habib Metropolitan Bank LimitedNationwide branches
JS Bank LimitedNationwide branches
MCB Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Meezan Bank LimitedNationwide branches
MCB Islamic Bank LimitedNationwide branches
National Bank of PakistanNationwide branches
Sindh Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Soneri Bank LimitedNationwide branches
United Bank LimitedNationwide branches
Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023
Pm Youth Loan Scheme 2023