Sun. Feb 25th, 2024
Big News Free Ehsaas

Big News Free Ehsaas – The program is still in the development stage and the government has yet to reveal any sanctioned details. Still, based on media reports and government statements, it is anticipated that the program will provide training in a variety of fields, such as information technology, healthcare & construction. Give priority to heirs from low-income families and heirs from marginalized groups.
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  • Transport support
  • Mess assignments
  • Child care support

Benefits of the new Ehsaas Chops Training Program

The government is still working out the final details of the Program, such as eligibility criteria, specific training programs to be offered, and the operation process. Still, the government has committed to launching the program in March 2024 & it is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of millions of employed and unemployed people in Pakistan.

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  • Reduced compensation
  • Greater social mobility
  • Further profitable development
  • Greater social stability

Big News Free Ehsaas

The Government of Pakistan has announced that the Ehsaas Skills Training Program will be launched in March 2024. The program will provide free training to eligible heirs to help them develop marketable skills and find employment. Big News Free Ehsaas

  • The eligibility criteria for the program will be expanded to include more heirs.
  • The number of training centers will be increased to make it easier for heirs to pass the program.
  • Training programs will be simplified to reflect the latest demands.
  • The government is committed to making the Ehsaas Skills Training Program a success & is expected to benefit millions of unemployed & employed people in Pakistan.
Big News Free Ehsaas