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8500 Sehat Sahulat8500 Sehat Sahulat

8500 Sehat Sahulat Program – The 8500 Sehat Sahulat Program is an excellent program created by the Government of Pakistan that provides all health services for poor people who cannot get proper treatment and can get it for free through the Sehat Card.

You can get treatment if you have a dangerous illness that only you can treat and you don’t have enough money. Then, you can get complete treatment through this card. Once the patient is admitted to the hospital, the expenses will be debited from the Sahat Insaf card. 8500 Sehat Sahulat

8500 Sehat Sahulat Eligibility Criteria

  • All permanent residents of
  • Islamabad Capital Territory according to
  • All permanent residents of Punjab as per NADRA CNIC in a phased manner
  • All permanent residents of Khyber
  • Pakhtunkhwa according to NADRA CNIC
  • All permanent residents of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, according to NADRA CNIC
  • All permanent residents of Gilgit
  • Baltistan according to NADRA CNIC in
  • All permanent residents of the district
  • Tharparker – Sindh according to NADRA
  • About the Prime Minister’s special
  • directives for the entire transgender community
  • (throughout Pakistan), which are registered in
  • NADRA and special CNIC are also covered.
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8500 Sehat Sahulat

Sehat Sahulat Program Hospital New Updated List

  • The steps are mandatory to fully benefit from the Pakistan National Health Card.
  • Nadra does not register a married man with his wife and his unmarried children in a family.
  • Submit your valid ID to NADRA as soon as possible. You must present your DNI for those under 18 years of age and those under 18 years of age.
  • All your details of marriage, birth, death, current permanent address, etc. are accurately created in the Nadra registry and you and all your family members can count on the facility of a Pakistan National Identity Card. Pakistan’s new National Health Card will be issued only to the head of the family, which will benefit everyone as per NADRA records.
8500 Sehat Sahulat

8500 Sehat Sahulat Program

  • If you have not created this card yet, you can create it immediately, the procedure is very simple, we will tell you in this article how you can create a health facility card and how to use it.
  • The Sehat Sahulat program is divided into two packages, which are as follows.

Secondary Care

Initial coverage PKR 50,000/family/year
Additional Coverage PKR 50,000/family

  • All medical and surgical procedures in public services.
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as angioplasty and bypass.
  • Burns and R. H. A. Life-saving therapy with implants and prostheses.
  • Dine Section Hepatitis HIV Rheumatology.
  • End-stage renal disease and dialysis.
  • Organic failure liver, kidney, heart-lung.
  • Neurosurgical procedures.

Priority Treatment

Initial coverage 300,000 pkr/family/year
Additional coverage 300,000 pkr/family

  • Patient Services All Medical and Sharia Procedures Heart Diseases Angioplasty & Bypass.
  • Diabetes Mellitus Supplementation.
  • Burns and RTA.
  • Chronic infections Hepatitis HIV.
  • Organic failure liver kidney heart-lung.
  • Cancer Chemotherapy Radiosurgery.
  • Neurocephalic diseases.
8500 Sehat Sahulat

Sehat Sahulat Program Online Registration

If you want to register for a Sehat card. Enter your ID and enter the image code. Then click on the eligibility button. The health facilities program is a milestone in terms of social welfare, as it ensures that disadvantaged citizens have immediate and dignified access to the medical care they deserve. 8500 Sehat Sahulat

Follow these steps to apply:

  • First of all, you need your CNIC.
  • Then send an SMS through your own SIM registered in your CNIC.
  • Then send your CNIC to 8500 as SMS.
  • Then, I will respond to you based on your eligibility.

How do I check my Sehat card?

Send an SMS to your CNIC at 8500 or 9780. You can also check your registration status for free on the home page of this website.

How much money is in a Sehat card?

A family can use up to PKR 400,000 for priority healthcare services and PKR 60,000 for secondary healthcare services. The family can benefit from the card until there is a cash limit available.