Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
8500 Sehat Card

8500 Sehat Card – The Health Centers Program is designed to reform social welfare to ensure that identified citizens across the country receive free treatment. For those who have their Pakistani identity card and citizenship, there is good news for them: they can get treatment for free. Use your ID card number & phone number as needed to join the healthcare program.

You can use all its facilities by presenting your ID. Which have been started by the Government of Pakistan for all Pakistanis. The government of Pakistan has also started the Rationing Program & Ehsaas Facilitation Programme. Its goal is to provide free treatment to poor and needy families.

It is very important to use the health card number and telephone number after registering. So, in the hospital, you can get free treatment very easily. The objective of the SSP program is to improve the access of the poor population to good quality medical services under the Health Microinsurance System so that they cannot neglect anything in their treatment. Remember that your DNI number is your health card to receive treatment.

Sehat Card Details 8500:

If you have a health card, they want your treatment to be free and they want you to pay any money for your treatment. If you are among those who have not yet been treated, enter your 8500 percent ID card number and you will receive a message on the dashboard indicating whether you are eligible or not.

Above the identity card is the specialty card. You have to complete all your training using a health card, and they give you a Sehat card if you want to get that much information, then you save all the information for free.8500 Sehat Card

8500 Sehat Card

8500 Sehat Card Eligibility Criteria:

  • If your monthly income is less than 20,000 paise, then you can get an Insaf card
  • If you work a full day and suffer from weakness, that is, if you are a worker, you can receive free treatment.
  • If your zero percentile is 85, your eligibility will be confirmed.
  • If you want to use this card, you can get treatment at any hospital in Pakistan, that too for free; This card is made without any type of commission.

8500 Sehat Card Online Check:

  • The government of Pakistan has announced free health cards for the treatment of poor families & this has proven to be a big step for these people.
  • Every year, people registered on a health card can receive around one million treatments
  • People can check the registration online by simply writing their CNIC number in an SMS box and sending 8500
  • After that, all the details about your eligibility are sent to your mobile number.8500 Sehat Card

How do I get a Sehat card?

Check your sehat card eligibility by sending your National Identity Card Number (NIC Number) to 8500 via SMS.8500 Sehat Card

Which treatment is free on the Sehat card?

Cardiovascular problems.
Complications of diabetes.
Management of all types of Cancers.
Management of genitourinary diseases including dialysis and transplant.
Management of Neurosurgical diseases.

How do I check my Insaf health card eligibility?

Send your citizen number to 8500 to verify your eligibility in the program based on the BISP survey. If you are eligible, you will be notified where you can receive your health card.